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Fred Taylor Contract blah blah blah

Fred Taylor.  STFU.

So your friend and mine Fred Taylor decided to run his mouth on Saturday in a pre-game interview.  

Fred's mad because the Jags haven't restructured his deal to move from an incentive based contract to a more guaranteed one.  Fred's mad because he's sharing time with Maurice Jones-Drew and it looks unlikely that he's going to meet his incentives.  Fred's cap hit this year is 4.15 million, with 2.55million as salary.  Not petty money, by any means.

Anyhow, I honestly don't give a crap about Fred Taylor being unhappy.  I don't care about his salary, his incentives, or his contract.  What I care about is the team.  Teammates don't work well together when there is tension in their midst.  Fred Taylor is part of a big time team on the rise.  Jacksonville's put a lot of money in his pockets and kept him close through a lot of injuries.  Off-season is time for contracts.  Right now Fred and the rest of the team should be thinking about one thing.  Winning.  I have many fond memories of Fred, but they'll all be meaningless if he runs his mouth and burns this team.

But this is not to say that Fred is why we lost, but it's  an unnecessary  distraction.  In a week of problems and injuries, we don't need a malcontent running his mouth before game time.

Fred, if you want to retire, retire.  But don't look the best horse you've been given in the mouth.