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Jaguars Beat Eagles, What a day!

Howdy folks!

Ok, ok.  I didn't post NEARLY as much as I wanted this week.  Sorta a  crazy time this week for me at school, but as they say, No Excuses.  I'll be on double time over here this week.

What happened?

Leftwich wasn't ready, so David played.  It's not a quarterback contraversy, but it was refreshing to see us with an away win.  We ran the ball to death and Fred Taylor reminded us why he's still the shit!

Bleeding Green Nation is reeling over the loss as the Jaguar's "replacements" defense dominated what was a top three offense.  The Eagles couldn't catch, couldnt really run, and certainly diddn't make even the marginal effort to offset a few Jaguar points.

But, thankfully, we're over .500.  Now we have the Titans and then the Texans.  Call that two wins (Texans are playing in our house) 6-3 is certainly a good place to be going into a Monday Night Football game (at home) V. the Giants (Also, a game I'll be attending, thankfully).

In other news, What the heck happened to the Steelers?  I know that they were the wern't the best team in the league last year, but damn have they regressed.  Big Ben Just ain't right.

The only bad thing for Jacksonville about the Steel City Meltdown is that it makes their shutout a little less special.

What I liked about Today

  1. Defense.  Jacksonville's Linebackers have been reeling from the lost of Mike Peterson.  Daryl Smith and Clint Ingrim stepped it up today and led the team in tackles.  John Henderson had his hand on 3 passes, I can't wait to see him reuinited with Stroud next week.
  2. Running the Ball.  Jack ran the ball, ran the ball, and just when you thought he'd have to pass, he ran the ball some more.  There were drives with 6 and 7 consecutive run plays and the Eagles couldnt do a damn thing about it.  Taylor had 103 yards and MJD rocked out with a nice 77.  Can't complain about that.
What I hated
  1. Dropped Passes.  I know, playing the Eagles (who lead the league in drops) this sounds vain, but Reggie "I'm the Man" Williams and dropped a couple important passes.  We had great starting locations all day and we just didn't turn it into many points.
  2.  Missed Chances:  Our defense is good, however with our injuries we just can't throw up a hair over a dozen points and expect to hold teams to the minimum.  While today was a decent test to see our progress against an explosive offense, let's not forget the huge amount of self influenced mistakes the iggles made.