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What do we know?

So what do we know now that we didn't know then?

We're 4 games into the NFL season and now we know a little bit about the league and how things are going to play out this year.  This is also the time of year where the NFL "pundit-o-cracy" quietly back steps on all their predictions set during the preseason.  For the record, I had Carolina v. Jacksonville as my Super Bowl picks, with Jax, New England, Cincy and Denver  winning their respective divisions and Seattle, Chicago, Carolina and the Giants, also respectively.  So I'm not doing too badly, except for Carolina ( who always starts out soft) and New England (who will still win the division) and, sadly, Jax, who's playing catch up with the Colts...again.

What do we know about Jacksonville that we didn't know before?

  • Matt Jones is not the number one guy, at least not yet.  Reggie Williams giving him a run for his money, though both compliment each other.  
  • Byron can throw the ball but he can't throw the ball.  I'm sorry, we still don't ever know what sort of passing game we're gonna get.  Are we getting the 60.1 rated Byron or the 103.3 rated Byron?  
  • We know that 2 outta 4 times our defense is unstoppable.  Rashean Mathis is really earning his Pro Bowl spot by leading the league in interceptions.  But, the same defense is making juvenile mistakes that led to us losing the game in Washington.  
  • Actually, while I'm at it, the overall maturity of the team seems to be little improved over last year.  For a team that expects respect and should be the eye of the league, we sure play like children sometimes.  Sure, Cato June flopped pretty well, but we win games when we don't do stupid things, and we still do stupid things.  So stop it.
  • Our running game answered some questions.  Fred Taylor is playing like he's young again.  Maurice Jones-Drew is playing like Reggie Bush should have, and our other guys fill in nicely when needed.
What is Jacksonville?  Right now it looks like a  Wild Card Contender.  We're two games behind the Colts overall and they will have played everyone in the division after Sunday.  We cannot afford to lose any sort of trap game against Houston or the Titans, that would doom us to a Wild Card run.  The fact that I have to have even the slightest bit of doubt in our ability to absolutely destroy these bottom feeder teams indicates the Jag's situation.  We play the tough teams tough, let's see if we can eliminate the mistakes against weaker teams.

More to come...