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Post-Game Wrapup

Well folks, time for a breather.  Jags get a bye week and I'm gonna use the time to sorta re-structure the way Big Cat Country does it's thing.  Aside from the obvious "Posting More", I'm gonna expand the context of the Blog.  Examine players back stories a bit, dig a little deeper.  I want this site to serve as a missionary to the football world on behalf of Jacksonville.

That said, let's wrap up the Jets game.

MIKE PETERSON OUT FOR SEASON: says that he's got a torn Pectoral Muscle.  This hurts.  Mike is our defensive leader and a stand up guy.  He's the AFC leading linebacker in tackles and shoulda been in the Pro Bowl last year.

Thankfully, we have some good "jars on the shelf" waiting.  Tony Gilbert, Daryl Smith, Nick Greisen and Brian Iwuh have all seen time at MLB, and can fill the physical role, but the lost leadership is painful...

  1. The Game Means Nothing.  Period.  No joy from the score, no additional understanding of the team.  The Jags are better than the Jets, that's about all we can tell.
  2. We Need Rest.  Stroud missed a game for the first time in 84 games.  Matt Jones sat, Marcellus Wiley was out.  Let's get these guys healthy.  Our defense is taking a lot of injuries, we gotta stay healthy...
  3. We're Two Games Behind Indy.  But Indy plays Washington, Denver and then New England.  Three teams that run the ball.  Indy can't stop the run.  Therefore I bet two of those teams beat Indy.  Jacksonville has Houston, Phillie, Ten, and Houston.  Jacksonville can win all four of em, but let's be conservative and assume three outta 4 (loss to the Eagles).  Then we're at 6 and 3, to the Colt's 7-2, only a game back, and keeping it close in the division.
The game itself showed "in theory" what the Jags can be.  Dominating Defense, Effective ground game, good passes, and a special teams that gives you great starting locations every time you get the ball.

I just wish we had been that team against Indy...