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Del Rio on the Hot Seat

It's interesting times over at the River City.  Our friends over at Pro Football Talk have an interesting little blurb about Del Rio's future.

A league source tells us that there's a rumor on the NFL grapevine that coach Jack Del Rio is in "major league trouble" if the Jacksonville Jaguars fail to qualify for the 2006 playoffs.

Yeah, that's an interesting observation.  Del Rio's brought this team a pretty long way from the Salary Cap Decimation that was the end of the Tom Coughlin era.  Sadly, that might not be enough to save him.  Jacksonville is a delicate place to have a team.  We started off in the league as a quick winner and then stagnated for many years.  Now we're on a clear path toward the top of the league and we regress.

Big Blue Shoe has a knack for blaming a lot of Jacksonville's problems on Del Rio and, sadly, I'm starting to agree with him.  The stupid mistakes and poor decisions are becoming an infection on the team.  Reggie Williams getting into an altercation with a fan, EVERY SINGLE WIDE RECEIVER DROPPING THE FU$^($% BALL, three players with DUI's in half a season.  At some point the buck has to stop somewhere.

(Interesting day to have a debate on player disipline, with the whole Bob Knight thing)

I respect the decision to bench Barnes after his DUI experence (Also, it showed our depth at O-line) but I don't think the Coaching Staff is doing nearly enough.  Cut Playing time, Wind Sprints, hell Promote the whole damn practice squad...

Oh, Jack also needs to figure out that the problem with the Jags image right now isn't the fault of the media