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Vacation time: Jaguars v. Buffalo

Well Folks, I'm heading down to hang out with Tubbs and Co. down in Miami for Thanksgiving.  I'm spending the time with my better half, so blogging will be infrequent as we lead into the road trip to the Great White North.

Here's what I'm thankful for...

Snow in Central Florida: Last night after cooking a meal for some of my friends we were treated to a Christmas Miracle of sorts.  It started to rain and eventually we saw snow flurries.  Nice to see that even the sunshine state get's a taste of Old Man Winter

Shutting Down the Run: Jacksonville has numerous big name Defensive Players on IR.  Darius, Peterson, Hayward, etc.  Yet we're STIL the number one defense in the league, 3rd against the run, 6th against the pass.  Praise to Jack and Shack for the kind of depth we have on defense.

George Wrightster: Yeah, we drafted Marcades Lewis to be our pass catching Tight End.  Yet George Wrightster, undrafted, has become our second most targeted pass catcher.  What this does is creates a great two TE set, AND lets Marcades take his time and develop as a player without all the "first round hype".  Marcades will be a great player, but I'm glad to have the depth there to not force him into emerging too soon.

End of a Quarterback Contraversy:  Byron had his surgery, results unknown, but at least for the time being we're not stuck in "who to start" mode.

Fried Turkey: Sadly, I won't be having any in Miami, but Fried Turkey is the greatest invention since....Thanksgiving.

Pie: Sorry Allison, Pie is the greatest inventions since...Fried Turkey.

Allright, Enjoy your thanksgiving and feel free to write diaries or add onto this post with your Thanksgiving Lists!

(And Be Nice to Mall Employees on Black Friday, They work extra hard for low wages to be sure you can fill your capitalist needs, so be nice!)