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Five Questions with Music City!

It's that time again for cross-blogging maddness!

Our good friends over at Music City Miracles were kind enough to answer a few questions of mine about the upcoming  matchup and their team.

Here they are!

River City Rage: I've heard lots of different things about the future of Jeff Fisher.  Do you think he'll remain with the Titans next season?  If not, where do you think he'll go that's best for his style of play?  

Music City Miracles:Jeff Fisher will be the coach of the Titans next season.  Titans owner Bud Adams all but declared this when he came out and said he would back Fisher in whatever he decided to do about Adam Jones (I don't call him Pacman because I don't like him and I think it is a stupid nickname).  If Fisher were a lame duck coach Adams would have made the decision himself or left it up to his puppet Steve Underwood.

River City Rage:Where is LenDale White?  What do you think his role will be on the team?

Music City Miracles:White had a rough camp.  He battled injuries and started a fracus by spitting on a teammate.  He has shown some flashes of being a really good back and I think he would have gotten the shot to start had it not been for the emergence of Travis Henry.  He will continue to share carries with Henry for the rest of the year.  I think next year he will be given every shot to be the feature back.

River City Rage:Imagine the AFC South 5 years from now.  What does it look like, who's the powerhouse, and will the Texans still be in last place?

Music City Miracles:This is going to be a totally biased opinion but I think the Titans will be back on top.  VY is going to be a star in this league and the Titans will have had a couple of years to spend the money they have freed up under the cap.  The Colts will be on the way down because Peyton will be nearing the end and they have to face some cap issues sometime soon.  I honestly don't know what to think about the Jags but I would guess they will still be right there.  The Texans will be in the mix because Kubiak will be able to get the guys he wants in there to run an offense similar to what he had in Denver.  I would say in 5 years all of these teams will be good and the division will resemble something like the current NFC East.

River City Rage:What needs to happen this season to show you as a Titans fan that the team is improving and recovering from Cap Hell?

Music City Miracles:This team has already made a lot of strides towards proving to me they are getting better.  I honestly thought this team would win 1 of the 2 games against Houston and that would be it.  To lose by 1 to the Colts, and really they should have won that game if Bobby Wade a pass where he was wide open and would have scored, and then come back and win 2 games in a row proves a lot to me.  Fisher has this team playing well and I think they will end up winning 4-6 games which is a drastic improvement over last year's debacle.  (I know the record wouldn't be that much better the Titans quit at the end of the year last year)

River City Rage: Which Jaguar player do you wish was on the Titans?

Music City Miracles:John Henderson.  If you remember in the 2002 NFL draft everyone was talking about the 2 DTs from UT.  The Jags had the 9th pick and took Henderson and then Titans GM Floyd Reese in all his wisdom took Fat Albert.  I would say Henderson has panned out a little better and the Titans could use someone or anyone to help Vanden Bosch out up front.

River City Rage: Thanks a bunch for stopping by and I look forward to the Titans losing a respectable game on Sunday!