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David it is...

In the "not so surprising news department", David Garrard is now the Starting Quarterback for the time being in Jacksonville.

Del Rio says that Byron's ankle has healed as much as it can without further treatment, putting him at 85-90%, David, according to Jack is the healthier option and will remain the starter.

I've not been a David Garrard fan.  I recognized his value as a backup, however I think he lacks all the intangables that Byron has in the starting QB role.

All of those folks out there who chant his name at games when Byron throws the ball away or misses a deep receiver will get their chance to see what David can do.  The Jags got away with a running focused attack the last two weeks, but that's not gonna always work.  Teams are gonna dare David to throw and make solid progressions.  Mind you, our receiving Corps have FAILED lately to do the simple act of catching the ball consistantly (This is directed at Reggie Williams and Matt Jones).  David will have to grow beyond the "look at the number one and run" approach to QB that he's had the last two years.

That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do.  I worry that having two quarterbacks will be as bad as having none, but we've gotta focus on the game ahead and the playoffs.  No use squandering this year in a qb debacle!