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I Love Peyton Manning, no really...I do.

I Confess, I love...

I really do.

Peyton, I'm really sorry for all the mean things I've said about you in the past.  All the times I called you out for not winning the big game, the time I accused you of being selfish and greedy when you signed your record breaking contract, that time I was in Indianapolis and I might of drunkenly urinated on a picture of you*, and most of all I apologize for all the times I longed for my Jags to injure you when we battled you.  I'll even go so far as to admit that you are the most super-dee-duper quarterback in NFL history.

But this new found love comes with a price.

Beat the Bengals.

That's it.  Peyton, I'll give you a pass on all your flaws and I'll even give you a tip of the hat for all your hard work, but my boys need a little help right now and beating Cincy would be a great way to aid my cause.  The Playoff hunt makes for all sorts of Ironies, as a Colts win helps Jacksonville (which drives Jags fans crazy).  But I know what's gotta be done.

Anyhow, I know you're really busy Peyton studying film and filming commercials, but if you have time before the game to read this, know that I'll be rooting for you right until the last moment...

When I return to reality.


*said event may or may not be hypothetical.