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Jags Win, but Guess who's next...

Sorry folks for missing the game, I'm up to my neck in school stuff right now.

Guess what this week is?  Colt's week.

Look for some maddness beteween myself and Big Blue Shoe all week long.

Jags are in a 5 way tie for the 2 Wild Card Spots.  Cincy, Denver, NYJets, Kansas City and the Jags all vie for a chance to play in January.  The J.E.T.S. have a serious schedule advantage, KC, Cincy, and Denver all have a couple of tough ones.  Jacksonville has Peyton Manning and Tom Brady at home, with a road trip to the surprisingly hot Titans and ends up at KC for a (hopefully) win-and-in situation.  Jacksonville has the tiebreaker against the Jets.

In other news, I was struck by bizarre feelings when I saw that the Titans beat the Colts.  There's only one team that I don't mind the Colt's beating and thats the Titans (damn 99' season).  Though, I'm still undecided about Vince Young.  It's one thing to scramble for a first down, but teams are just gonna start giving him the Mike Vick experence and then what will he be?

Anyhow, once this week relaxes for me (tomorrow, hopefully) I'll get into the blogging hot and heavy, Stampede Blue is bound to say some offensive things in the days prior, so be ready to jump over there and defend our boys.  Just bring up their run defense and hope for the best.