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Clint Ingram, November Rookie of the Month!

Linebacker Clint Ingram received honors for top defensive rookie in November. reports that Cling's getting noticed for his 43 tackles and his important role on Jacksonville's number 4 ranked defense.

Maurice Jones-Drew was nominated for offensive rookie of the month, but Joseph Addai won in Nov.  With all the hype behind Reggie Bush's 4 td game and Addai's 4 td game, let's not forget that it's MJD that leads the Rookie RB class in TD's and in Punt Returns. (MJD is better than Reggie Bush, yeah I said it)

David Garrard received AFC Player of the Week Honors.

Awards are nice and dandy, but keep the eyes on the prize.  We have to win the next four games against some rough teams to stay alive...