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Quick Bytes...UPDATE

Update [2006-8-28 13:55:54 by River City Rage]: Greg Jones actually has a torn ACL, not the previously reported Sprained MCL. He'll be out for the season which pretty much assures Toefield a spot in the crowded Jaguar backfield. Also, WR Troy Edwards was released today, he's been a Jag in the past (2003-2004) but was a non factor in camp this year. I imagine he'll be picked up by someone who's feeling a little thin at WR. Quick Injury Update, more substance to come..

Middle Linebacker Mike Peterson has a sprained MCL, as does RB Greg Jones.

Still no word on LB Brian Iwuh

Special Teams Guru Nick Sorenson's injury is minor and shouldnt effect his efforts to make the team.

See ya'll tomorrow for my game breakdown!