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News and Notes from around the Internet

Howdy folks,

Here's some updates and news from around the web.

Some good news for the Jags, it turns out that Middle Linebacker Mike Peterson's knee injury is just a mild sprain and, as Jaguars .com reports , should have him in the starting lineup for the season opener against Dallas.  Mike's a solid MLB, so having him healthy is a big deal.

Some of our other injured players are returning to practice this week, though I highly doubt DT monster Marcus Stroud (heel) or 1st round TE Marcades Lewis (high ankle sprain)  will see any time against Atlanta.

Speaking of Marcades Lewis,'s Peter King had this to say...

JAGUARS (Jacksonville, Fla.): "This ain't Sunset [Boulevard], is it?'' tight end Marcedes Lewis said to Byron Leftwich after arriving in northeast Florida. No, but it is the place where Lewis is going to have a chance to be very good very fast. This is a team that wants to protect Leftwich, so I think Lewis is going to be a big factor right away. Leftwich told me, "After throwing to him a few times, I said, 'How does a guy this good last till the 25th pick of the draft?''' We'll see if he's that good. He'll certainly have the chance to show it.

Special Teams guru and backup Safety Nick Sorenson returned to practice today, as did undrafted ( and awesome ) linebacker Brian Iwuh.

Iwuh suffered from a Hip Pointer.  What is a Hip pointer? says

A hip pointer refers to a direct contact injury to the iliac crest of the pelvis. The iliac crest is commonly known as the "hip bone", a misnomer. [caused by] Hip pointers are caused by a direct blow to the side of the hip and pelvis. They are most commonly associated with football but can be seen in almost any contact sport. Spearing the hip/pelvis with a helmet while tackling may be the most common cause. [treated by] Initial treatment consists of icing, compression and rest. Anti-inflammatory medication and gentle stretching should begin at about 48 hours after the injury. A personalized program of strengthening, flexibility and coordination exercises is then designed for the patient. If the bruising of the muscle and bone from the injury is severe, however, return to full activity may take several weeks.  

And now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

There is a great community of Jaguar fans out there on the web at  These guys made a for fans/by fans site that really shows what passionate folks can do with a little motivation.  This ain't no homer city either, as this critique of the Tampa Bay game shows.

I found one part of this article especially accurate

t appears that if the team is going to be successful this year they are going to have to be a running team that plays good defense, similar to the style of Pittsburgh. There will not be many blowouts and the average game score will probably be around17-14 . Many Jaguars fans have the college football/Gator mentality where there are more games scored in the 30's, 40's, and 50's including many blowouts. The Jaguars don't have Southern Mississippi, Vanderbilt, UCF, and Western Carolina on the schedule. Every week is a tough game and this Jaguars offense doesn't have very many, if any play makers. Can Jaguars fans learn to embrace physical, low-scoring type of football? If they can't, perhaps they should find another team to root for or it might be best not to watch.

I tend to agree with this statement.  Jacksonville is still a newbie to the NFL game.  A lot of fans are learning about pro football on the fly after decades of Gator Bowls.  I think a lot of the blame for this misguided understanding comes from the 24 hour news cycle propagated by the ESPN networks.  For having a 24 hour network, they only show the huge pass plays and deep balls.  Watch some Colt highlights, you'll see Peyton do a sick play action to a deep Reggie Wayne, but the don't show the 20 previous plays where they did a standard ole run play to set it up.  Jack Del Rio is not a throw the ball deep guy, he's a Run the Ball Stop the Run coach.  That's the sort of game we play.  It's not the most TV friendly offense in the world, but it wins games.

Del Rio's obvious frustration with the Greg Jones injury reflects this mindset.  Jones is a big pounder with really quick feet.  I'd go so far as to say that Del Rio prefers Jones' style to Fred's.  Greg hits the hole hard and runs with serious power.  Losing him to a torn ACL defiantly hurts the Jags backfield.

Ok, that's all I got for now,