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News and Notes

Ah, nothing like the final preseason game to get that taste of turf in your mouth.

It's too damn bad we have to sit through another preseason game just to get there.

Jag's at Atlanta tonight, this game should be as bland as my school's cooking.  But putting credit where it's due, there are a few reasons to watch the game.

First off, if Jack Del Rio play's any first string offense at all, it's a good sign that he's got the same frustrations that us fans have had over their performance.  Now, if the game starts and we have the first stringers out there, but it's all run plays (with Fred on the sideline, no "Portis" effect here)  we know that Del Rio is just giving em a couple snaps, nothing more.  If we see our WR's getting some action, then we might start to wonder about the faith our coach has in the offense.

Stroud, Henderson, Williams, Mathis, Hayward and good ole Paul Spicer have had a heck of a preseason, the defense is solid, they deserve a night off.  Besides, with MLP Peterson (led the team in Tackles last season, as well as soul of defense) injured, we can't afford any more injuries.  Keep an eye out for Jorge Cordova to fill in as the Middle Linebacker, he's very much a jar on the shelf for the position.  

Jagnation writer CharlieB. has some good insight into the rookies and undrafted free agents that will be fighting for jobs tonight, here he says to...

Look for some inspired play by the backups. This is their last opportunity to make an impact before Saturday's final cuts. At the wide receiver position there appears to be two spots open for either Chad Owens, Cortez Hankton, and Fred Stamps. Owens and Hankton seem to be the favorites at this point, but neither has been spectacular enough to have anything secured. The final starting linebacker position is open and Nick Greisen seems to have a leg up. Pat Thomas, Tony Gilbert, Brian Iwuh, and Jorge Cordova are all fighting for roster spots as well. In the secondary, Terry Cousin hasn't looked wonderful in preseason and has opened up the starting nickel back job for competition. Second year pro Scott Starks has been impressive and just may take the job. Rookies Dee Webb and Jamaal Fudge, along with Nick Sorensen and David Richardson are all in the mix for roster spots as there are few backup positions that are guaranteed. They should see extended playing time Thursday and the contributions they make on defense and on special teams will go a long way toward deciding their individual fates.

Charlie, as the last line shows, has a flair for gravitas.

News and Notes

Jacksonville was busy yesterday putting people on the Injured Reserve list with B/RB Greg Jones, CB Chris Roberson, DT Tony Williams, OT Mike Williams, TE Brian Jones and DE Elton Patterson all going on the list.  This was to put the Jaguars at the required roster numbers.  The biggest name on the list is obviously Greg Jones, nobody else is terribly surprising.  Jacksonville invested a bit of money in OT Mike Williams, but not enough to worry about it.  Hopefully his back and weight issues are resolved and he can earn a place on the team next year.

I hate to say it, but I enjoy reading's Dr. Z.  However when reading today's Inside the NFL I was terribly disappointed at his coverage of the AFC South.  He wrote 208 words about the NFC East (Eagles Flop), 192 about the NFC North (Arizona Surprises), 100 about the NFC South (Carolina...duh)...each Division got about 100 words.  Execept for the AFC South, where we only merited a whole 22 words.  Dr Z says...

AFC South: Injuries, particularly to MLB Mike Peterson, sink the Jaguars, thus eliminating the Colts' only serious rival in the division.


Ummmnn....what else is there to report.

The Florida Time Union (surprisingly) has a good piece on tonight's game and the matchups too look out for.  I shall borrow some of their better stuff here.

Players on the bubble
OT Richard Collier: Massive at 6 foot 7, 358 pounds, the rookie is raw, but the Jaguars like his talent and physicality
LB Brian Iwuh: The undrafted rookie turned heads early in camp, but he might be forced out because the position is deep in talent.
LB Jorge Cordova: A gifted but unproven pass rusher, he has a shot because of Mike Peterson's injury.
RB Rich Alexis: Could be the odd man out, but he has a chance to make the team because of Greg Jones' injury.
DE James Wyche: At 6-5, 271 pounds, the rookie isn't bulky enough to contribute at more than one position on the defensive line.
S Jamaal Fudge: The Jacksonville native caught the coaching staff's attention with big hits, but he might not stick.
C Brett Romberg: He could make the roster again because of his potential and the Jaguars' need for offensive-line depth.
LS Andrew Economos: He possesses superior coverage skills, but he probably won't be able to unseat Joe Zelenka, who's proven.

Very good stuff too remember.

MJD over at the AOL sports blogs has a nice piece about Matt Jones and Braylon Edwards.  I've decided that I like the writer over there because he referenced the similarities between Matt Jones (who?) and Mike Jones (who?).  My friends and I have been making that joke for awhile now, props for good taste.  

A'ight folks.  I'll be watching the game in a bit, I'll throw up a live blog.

Be there, or be square.