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Reggie Hayward Injury Update

Update [2006-9-10 20:38:36 by River City Rage]: confirms that...

Jacksonville's defense allowed 125 yards in the first quarter, but just 198 yards the rest of the way. The unit suffered a major loss, though, in the fourth quarter when defensive end Reggie Hayward tore his Achilles tendon and was lost for the season.
Jacksonville 690 AM is reporting that DE Reggie Hayward is out for the season with a Ruptured Achillies Tendon.

Reporter (and former Jaguar) Jeff Lagaman was interviewing Hayward when he Reggie said he was done for the season.

Look to see Marcellus Wiley, Bobby McCray and Jorge Cordova to rotate duties filling in on the left end.

A rough injury, we've got a lot of money in Reggie, but we're soooo deep on the line that we can take it.  Just a shame though, he was frothing at the mouth to devastate some QB's this year.