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Teal Night 06'

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Florida Times Union

There is a very awesome Fan-Powered movement developing in Jacksonville.  The fine folks at Jag Nation have started Teal and pushed the City and Wayne Weaver to make this a huge event.

If you remember last year's Monday Night Football matchup against the Steelers you probably recall the terrible image of OUR stadium filled with Terrible Towels.

Not cool.

We all know Steeler Fans travel well, they come out in force and they are everywhere.  This year the Jaguar Fans arn't gonna take it.  

The press release for the event says it all

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 12, 2006 - To put on their best game face during a prime time national television appearance against last year's Super Bowl champions, the Jacksonville Jaguars want to turn Alltel Stadium into "All-Teal Stadium" by making an appeal to fans to wear teal at the Monday Night Football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sept. 18. Tickets for the game are sold out, but it will be shown on ESPN and on WJXT Channel 4 at 8:30 p.m.

Fresh off their exciting victory against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, the Jaguars are looking ahead to the Monday Night Football game against the Steelers as a tremendous opportunity for the team, fans and the city to shine in the national TV spotlight.

"This is an important game, and we're asking our fans to turn Alltel Stadium into `All-Teal Stadium.' We want our fans to be loud and proud and provide a real home-field advantage for our team," said Wayne Weaver, Jaguars Chairman and CEO. "Seeing 67,000 screaming Jaguars fans in our team colors on national TV will be a spectacular sight."

Jaguars fans are also encouraged to wear their team apparel to work on Monday, Sept. 18. City workers, Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce members and employees at large and small businesses throughout the city already have committed to participate. The Jaguars and the city will begin sending electronic "teal mail" reminders to season ticket holders and other fans on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Asking fans to wear teal on game day is only part of the major effort to energize fans before the big game. The city plans to wrap downtown street lamps with teal ribbons, flood downtown buildings with teal spot and search lights, and illuminate downtown fountains in teal. Mayor John Peyton also will issue a proclamation and will hold a small press conference on Friday, Sept. 15 to bring more publicity to the teal-wearing game day campaign.

So, if you're reading this and going to the game WEAR TEAL!  

If you're a Season Ticket Holder and considering selling your tickets to Steeler Fans...Move to Pittsburg and get a life.

If you're one of those Jag fans except for when the Steelers are in town give your tickets to a real fan.

It's our house, Let's make sure the nation sees it Monday night!