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A Little bit of History

You might not know it but Jacksonville and Pittsburg have a storied history of exciting games.  Before I dive into pre-game match-ups and what not, I figured that it might be interesting to look back at a couple of those games.

Joe Starkey at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has a nice review of the wild times of games past.  He brings up some of my favorite moments.

...the time Plaxico Burress spiked a live ball; the time Bill Cowher cocked his arm as if ready to punch a Jaguars player rumbling down the sideline for a touchdown; the time Jerome Bettis nearly died from an asthma attack; the time Kordell Stewart won his final start in a Steelers jersey (on a Dewayne Washington defensive play, no less); or the time Greg Lloyd accused Jaguars receiver Keenan McCardell of calling his wife and proceeded to knock McCardell silly.

4 games stand out to me that deserve mention.  Conveniently, Vic Ketchman highlighted some particular moments

*Sept. 22, 1997--The Jaguars block a Steelers field goal attempt on the final play of the game and Chris Hudson returns the block for a touchdown in a 30-21 victory in Jacksonville's first-ever Monday night telecast.
*Oct. 26, 1997--The Steelers return the favor with a 23-17 victory, when Jerome Bettis scores in overtime. It is voted one of the greatest games in Three Rivers Stadium history.
*. 4, 2004--Rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger drives the Steelers down the field in the final minute and a half of the game, and the Steelers kick the game-winner with 18 seconds to play in a 17-16 win.
*Oct. 16, 2005--Rashean Mathis intercepts a Tommy Maddox pass and returns it 41 yards for a game-winning touchdown in overtime, in the Jaguars' 23-17 win at Heinz Field.

So, expect some magic on Monday night.  It's sure to be a classic!