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Week 2 Picks

Home team in Super Caps.

RAVENS over Raiders:...err..duh.  Anyone ever seen a more inept team than the Raiders last Monday?

BENGALS over Browns:  I've had a nagging feeling that the Browns are gonna show us something this season, but I don't think it's gonna be this week.

Bills over DOLPHINS:  I'm taking the underdog in this one.  Sure, there is all sort of dissent in the Bills locker room, and sure, everyone LOVES Miami this year.  But I don't like what I'm seeing outta Daunte, and I see him throwing another 3 picks.  

COLTS over Texans: Ugh, I hate picking the Colts to win anything.  While I predict a blow out, it would be absolutely awesome if the Texans surprised em and all of a sudden the Colts were knocked down a peg in the AFC South.  Oh, in other news, Jacksonville, Tennessee and the Colts are the three "youngest" teams in the NFL by average age on opening day.  You'll be seeing these guys around for awhile.

Giants over EAGLES:  Sure, McNabb looks to be back, but I see the Giants coming through after we're reminded that the Eagles have no running game.

Panthers over VIKINGS: I've been riding the Carolina bandwagon in the NFC for a few years now (note, if Ryan is reading this, I've been behind you on that bandwagon, so STFU)

FALCONS over Bucs: Yawn, a game I don't care about.

Saints over PACKERS: I wish I could spend 15 min in Aaron Rogers head during a game.  I bet it's fascinating.

Cardinals over SEAHAWKS: Just cause I want another year of "Arizona as sleeper" talk.

JETS over Patriots: J.E.T.S. Jets-Jets-Jets.

BRONCOS over Chiefs: Kansas City is gonna be that team that nobody expected to get a top three draft pick.  It's a pity too, cause they have some talent.

CHARGERS over Titans: You know, I love the LT influence, but my fantasy team could use Rivers to dump off to Gates a little bit more...

Rams over NINERS: I forsee the Frank Gore bus running into a curb during this game.

COWBOYS over Redskins: Not sure why, just a gut.

JAGS over Steelers:  21-17.