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Jaguars v. Steelers Matchup Preview!

Here it is, the much anticipated Monday Night Football preview!

With the big game less than 9 hours away, it's about time to figure out what we'll see on the field and what to look out for.

1.    Pittsburg is going to attack the outside of the D-Line.  Rob Meier and Paul Spicer are going to have to have big games as Cowher runs Willie Parker and Dump Truck Davenport at the edges.  
2.    Special Teams: Jacksonville has a decided advantage in Special Teams. They'll need it as in games like this field position is key.  Hopefully this is the week that Maurice Jones-Drew gets his first TD on a return.
3.    Strong Safety Donovan Darius will be a big factor in stopping the run.  Look for Darius to spend lots of time in the box with FS Deon Grant committed to the pass.  Brian Williams and Rashean Mathis will have to take care of the Steelers WR's in man to man coverage.  Time for them to show why we've invested so much in them.
4.    Watch out for Heath Miller, Jacksonville has to be very aware of where the TE is at all times.  He burnt Miami for a big TD in week one, let's not let that happen again.
5.    It worked against Dallas and it'll work against Pittsburg.  Stick with the three WR sets or two TE sets and s p r e a d out those Steeler linebackers.  I imagine that Byron will do many 3 and 5 step drops to avoid the Rush. (Beware of Troy!)
6.    Look for Jacksonville to emulate the Steelers strategy: They'll try and pass to get a lead early then knock `em out with the Run Run Run. Taylor had his best game ever against the steelers with 234 yards against them in 2000, I'd love to see him beat that tonight.

So what does Jacksonville need to do in order to win.  Stop the run, Keep Byron on his feet, don't make mistakes, and Run the Ball.  It's a pretty simple formula.

Just remember, in this game ANYTHING can happen.

I'll be live bloggng sparingly tonight as there is a gathering of Friends to watch the game at mi casa.