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Ugh, more Media Roundup

So we enjoyed a few min of Jaguar Glory, now it's turning into Steeler Apologists. When anyone says to you "Big Ben was too sick" just have em' read this

But, to cheer you up, here's some more good praise from the Sports Pundit'o'cracy

ESPN Power Rankings say

Jaguars 4 (3) Teams don't push the Steelers around very often and that's exactly what the Jaguars did Monday night.

Slightly Bizarre Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback decided to acknowledge the Jags TWICE this week.  He said...

Not Another Punt! I Can't Look! The punt-happy Jaguars, who took themselves out of last season's key showdown against Indianapolis by punting in Colts territory, faced a fourth-and-2 on the Pittsburgh 39, game scoreless, and launched a mincing fraidy-cat punt (after trying to draw the Steelers offsides, a tactic that has not worked in the NFL since 1963). Next possession, game still scoreless, Jacksonville faced a fourth-and-1 at midfield and launched a mincing fraidy-cat punt. Two possessions later, Jax faced a fourth-and-4 on the Pittsburgh 48 and boomed a punt. Finally in the fourth quarter, Jacksonville led 3-0 and faced a fourth-and-6 on the Pittsburgh 37 -- you cannot, you just cannot be punting from the opposition's 37! Boom goes the punt into the end zone for a ridiculous net of only 17 yards in field position.
Four preposterous punts in the same game -- yet the Jaguars prevailed. Holy mackerel, did Jacksonville play defense! The Jags held Pittsburgh to an average of just 3.2 yards per play, well below the NFL average of about 5 yards. You'll watch a lot of football (note: a good idea) before you see harder hitting on defense or better pursuit. Sports radio yaks a lot about "statement" games, which rarely actually happen. Last year Jacksonville had two chances to play a statement game, against Indianapolis in December and against New England in the playoffs, and honked both. But this time Jacksonville seemed totally determined to make its statement, and did. Plus, because Pittsburgh was one play away from the lead until the final moments, this was a rare example of a low-scoring game that was exciting from start to finish. And it ended before midnight Eastern! What more could a football addict ask?


Stat of the Week No. 12: In prime time television games against Pittsburgh, Jacksonville is 5-1.

Not too shabby, started off critical (which I can live with) and then complemented the game.  However, he failed to mention that the Jags nearly converted a Hail Mary pass to Matt Jones.  I think Gregg will be a little late to the Jags Party this February.

The Jabba the Hutt of sports writers was kind to the Jags this week as well.  Peter King says

The Jags are good. Really good defensively. I'm not sure how good offensively. I still think they'll contend. They've played two pretty tough defenses so far -- Dallas and Pittsburgh -- and played well enough to win both.
And could we please stop the drumbeat to bench Byron Leftwich? I love David Garrard, but he hasn't shown he's better than Leftwich. More mobile, yes. Better, no.

One of my favorite daily reads Dan Shanoff decided a few weeks ago to join the Jaguars Bandwagon (Plenty of seats here folks, but they're getting pricy).  I recommend him for daily reading in general, but this particular post is pretty good.  
That's why most fans can't take the Chargers or Ravens or Bears seriously yet, even though they look among the Top 5 teams in the NFL.
(Here's what those teams - and the Jags - all have in common: Ridiculously awesome defense. But none of the other 3 proved it against competition of the quality that the Jags have so far.)

All-right folks, Time for celebration is over.  It's a short week, as I constantly keep reminding myself, so it's time to look ahead to the big show.  It's a big game.  Jacksonville will be on the inside track to a dominant season if we go into Washington 3-0.  Keep the Focus!