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The Most Happy Day of the Year

I look forward to today for months upon months.  One day a year I gather with nine of my closest friends and huddle over computers.  For today is the day of my Fantasy Football Draft.

This is not really a Fantasy Football blog, but I'm all about it on the side, so don't be surprised if you see some random updates and observations from that end.

Also, if you're looking for a good number 3 WR, Look at Matt Jones.  Fred Taylor should be a dandy number 2 RB, esp with Greg Jones out of the picture.  (Though, for my team, I lament his loss)

This coming week will be ALL about the build up for the opening game against Dallas.  I'm gonna see if we can get some action going with Blogging the Boys, talk a little smack and hopefully liveblog together.

This will also be the first week where I commit to multiple daily updates.  So look forward to a good mix of substance, links, and observations!

Have a great Labor Day!