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Cuts and Waivers

The Turk was out and about today, let's take a look at who was cut and see if there are any surprises.

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Let's see, they placed Guard Dan Connolly on IR (Finger injury that required surgery).  Cut from the veterans were Derrick Fletcher, OT Wayne Hunter, WR Randy Hymes, DT Anthony Maddox, DB David Richardson, C Brett Romberg and TE Todd Yoder.  Nothing really surprising there, Yoder I thought might survive for the two TE sets that Jax plans on using, but Wrightster has really shown some moxie during the pre-season.

14 first year guys got axed as well, RB Rich Alexis, DL Walter Curry, DE Jim Davis, LS Andrew Economos, TE Greg Estandia, FS Jamaal Fudge, CB Trestin George, OT Ryan Gibbons, LB Brian Iwuh, CB Edorian McCullough, WR Charles Sharon, G Shannon Snell, WR Fred Stamps and DE James Wyche.  

I'm disappointed to see that Fudge and Iwuh were cut.  Both of them had exceptional pre-seasons and looked to have some serious potential.  However, after noon today they can be signed to the practice squad.  WR Charles Sharon had two TD's in the final preseason game, I bet he pops up on the squad too.  

As I've said before, Jacksonville likes keeping some undrafted free agents, this year is n exception as they took OT Richard Collier, DT Tony McDaniel and RB Montell Owens.

WR Chad Owens kept his job, for a little while it looked like he'd be cut, but he's on the team as of today.