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Quick Rant

So, if you're reading a site like this you must be aware that Charles Rogers was cut from the Lions.

There is a funny trend in Jacksonville lately that whenever any Wide Receivers become avaliable (Terrel Owens, Deion Branch, Brandon Lloyd, Ashley Lelie...etc ad infantitum, ad nauseum).  As soon as I read that he was cut by the Lions I just knew that the message boards would light up a bit.  Obviously the Rogers hype is far far FAR lower than the other examples, but it's dissapointing to see the "be Randy Moss/Jerry Rice/Marvin Harrison RIGHT NOW" with young Wide Receivers.  These things take time to develop.  Going out and signing washed up/expensive veterans is not how you make a team for the long haul.

Sure, Jacksonville dosen't have (YET) that scary "number one" wide receiver.  But we have some tall fast guys who'll find their grooves and surprise some people.  Peeps won't be saying "Matt Jones...who?" come the Playoffs!

Take a chill pill Jax fans, we don't need an oft injured player with possible Drug problems.  (Don't you DARE make a Jimmy Smith reference either...)

We'll be fine.

/end rant