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Time for an Aside

I wanna dive into something else really fast.  I have a really big problem with Chris Simms.  No, not his awful team, but with the fact that he went back into that game after his FREAKING SPLEEN ruptured.  Remember that crazy Doctor from Any Given Sunday that put players at risk for the team?  That's what I think happened.  The Buc's were on their way to a win and team doc's either rushed or didnt pay attention to the BASIC SIGNS of potentially life threatening injury.  I'm on the players side in all of this maddness.  

The NFL Players put their bodies and futures on the line on every single snap.  Sure, a lot of em make huge money (if you think they get what their contract says, I think you should read about contract law.) but of the 1800 or so active players, most have short careers and make close to league min.  These guys take huge hits constantly and end up dying young (in many cases), crippled with knee and back problems, and concussed.  

Owners make a 1000% of what the highest paid players make every year, for them to risk a players life for one game is a disgusting reflection of ownership priorities.  While I'm not yet saying it was the Glazers call to send Simms back in, they've made an enviornment where that decision is even mentionable.  If a team doctor feels that it's OK to send a player back to the side line where there is ANY chance of severe injury, then the whole Front Office is accountable for creating an enviornment where the pressure to win offsets the duty one has to protect a player from injury and in this case, death.

I'm not a Bucs Blogger, I don't like em one bit, but I'll stand on a soapbox for months if it's what it takes to call attention to this disgusting display of medicial care.

It makes me sick.