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Stay Classy Everyone

Ok, ok...this is a complete NON-Story.  And instead of getting on some sort of soap box and ripping a punter apart, I'm gonna be the bigger man, respect the 24 hour rule, and instead let you, the reader, decide what you think.

After the Game on Sunday, Potential First Ballot Hall of Fame Punter Hunter Smith decided to respect the rules about kickers not running their mouths (The Vanderjagt rule) and had this to say about Jacksonville...

"Jacksonville is like a stand-up comic who can only use vulgarity and curse words because he lacks intelligence and lacks class," Smith told the Indianapolis Star. "He really doesn't have anything to say. Our intangible is our class and our intelligence. A team that gets personal fouls the way they do, the roughing penalties, they just don't have any material."

Har Har Har.

I could say something like, "You know what else lacks material?  The Colts Run Game", or perhaps even; "Knock Knock", "Who's There", "Hunter Smith", "Who the hell is that?".  Also, I could comment on his 33 yard punt late in the game that let the Jags try and score from decent field posistion.  

But i'm a bigger man than that, it's just a punter, and a non-story.

I was hoping to do a Media-Wrapup and a Power Rankings compliation this morning, but sadly the pundit-o-cracy slept in and I'm without things to criticize and complain about.  SO instead, I'm gonna go get ready to interview Hogs Haven and a secret surprise interview (Hint, She's hot)