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Daily update

Howdy folks!

Some good news to report Jags Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew received Rookie of the Week honors for his performance on Sunday.  Just cause I like to remind people of how awesome he is, he had 103 yards on 13 carries (that's almost 8 per rush) 4 catches for 32 yards and his first TD on a late Leftwich pass.

I was looking at for some commentary on the game and I stumbled upon these nice words about Jones-Drew from Colts Owner Bill Polian.

Of course, the young man from UCLA (Jaguars rookie running back Maurice Jones-Drew) showed everybody around America what we already knew - that he's a very, very good football player and a man who can hurt you in a number of different ways. He can catch the ball and run it, obviously. And he can return it. They're improved immensely with him as a major player in their offense.
  • Me and [Big Blue Shoe] have a bit of a disagreement going on at his site.  You see, he likes to nag about comments coaches make in press conferences as a way to illustrate how superior his Colts are.  I really don't give a crap what coaches say to the media because it's all coachspeak.  It's all a measured way of sending a message of one sort or another, or even just going through the motions of talking to the media so they can get back to what they do best, Coaching.  Anyhow, it's the 24 hour rule, so if you want to go back and discuss last weeks game, head on over to Stampede Blue.  We've got a Redskins game to look forward to!
  • My early thoughts on this weeks game is that it could be a boom day for our WR's.  I see a lot of potential mismatches against the Redskins secondary, as long as Byron has some time to throw the ball.  Matt Jones should be at 100% from his strained groin and should be that passing threat that we were missing last year.  Jags writer Vic Ketchman has said from time to time that Jones will develop into a Keenan McCardell sort of possession receiver and I tend to agree.  Matt's not going to be Randy Moss, but he'll make tough catches in heavy coverage and move the chains.  If our running game is as stout as it looks, that's gonna be all we need.
That and putting points on the board.

Jacksonville must convert possessions into points, both through kicks and TD's.  The Byron QB sneak is cute and all, but averaging 15.5 points a game won't win us anything over the long haul.

* Obviously the football world is astir with the TO incident last night.  I don't really have anything to contribute to the discussion, other than a few observations.  A. I was up absurdly early this morning as this story emerged and it was fascinating to see how it developed.  You could read speculation online and then moments later repeated on ESPN as "inside sources".  B. The Internet is a nasty place.  C. I feel bad for our most recent addition to the SB Nation Bleeding Green Nation because I assume TO talk will somehow bleed into his debut.

Also, Blogging the Boys has had excellent coverage so far.  The folks over there are good at staying objective and through in their analysis.

More to come throughout the day, we'll be getting an interview from Hogs Haven later on.