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Interview with Hogs Haven!

Have I told you all why I love SBNation?  It's cause we have the best NFL bloggers out there and a strong comradarie between us.  I've been lucky to be helped in my foray into Jaguars Blogging by four consecutive weeks of Cross Blogging with some really kick ass writers.

This week is no exception as we have Skin Patrol from Hogs Haven.  I asked him five questions about the match-up, here are his responses.

River City Rage : "Mark Brunell has a long history with Jacksonville and is quite revered in the city.  Last week he tied an NFL record for passing, albeit against Houston.  Tell me, as a Redskin's follower, what are your thoughts on Mark, is he still the man to beat, or should we start to see more of Jason Cambell?"

Skin Patrol : Mark Brunell might have earned himself a reprieve from some criticisms in last week's win over the Texans, but the questions surrounding him are not forgotten. Most --if not all-- of those passes were short enough for a High School QB to make efficiently. Brunell still has to prove that he can throw the ball effectively down the field, because an inability to do so on his part will result in a lot of loooong days for the Redskins against competent defenses. Like the Jags for instance. That said, even against the Texans Mark Brunell's performance speaks for itself, and he is the unquestionable starter going into Jacksonville. What happens against the Jags will go a long way in determining his immediate future with the starting position.

River City Rage : " What is your favorite Clinton Portis Character?"

Skin Patrol : Coach Janky Spanky. I remember the outfit fondly because he wore it during the playoffs, and I also loved that he called out Gregg Williams' salary in character. Should've hired that Coach Janky Spanky, Washington. Actually I do think Coach Janky Spanky is a defensive genius, because I honestly believe it would take 13 people to stop Clinton Portis effectively.

River City Rage : "Jacksonville has three exceedingly tall Wide Receivers whereas Washington has shorter ones.  What's the advantage to your approach as opposed to the Jags?"

Skin Patrol : All things equal you'd prefer taller WRs. The short receiver, like Saint Moss or Steve Smith, has returned not because they are short, but because they have less frame to move around and therefore can cover distances more quickly on a football field. Santana Moss has excellent body control and adjusts to the football well when it is in the air, partially because he doesn't have a 6'5 frame to lug around. We have a tall receiver, we just call him a Tight End. But to answer your question I don't know what advantage the Redskins enjoy at WR yet, because the group is largely untested. ARE is a shifty guy who can make surprising, big plays everytime he gets the ball. And Lloyd is known for his acrobatic catches (and dropped passes). I think we'll need to wait a few more weeks to learn more about this unit, as it hasn't developed a personality yet.

River City Rage : "What element of the Jags do you think is keeping the Coaching Staff up late game planning, is there an individual mismatch that you think could be a problem?"

Skin Patrol : Honestly the Jags have one of the best defenses in the league and, position by position, are about as strong as any the Redskins will face. I would hope that the Jags staff takes the game seriously enough where every matchup keeps them up late, but the person they should zero in on the most is Clinton Portis. Santana Moss is not yet a deep threat this year, and the Jags might have an opportunity to dare Mark Brunell to beat them deep. Chris Cooley has been quiet as well. CP is the only person who has played well every time he got on the field, and he's also the guy with the least amount of game tapes to study. If the Jags can stuff the run, they will neutralize any individual matchups.

River City Rage : "Finally, tell us about a player that gets lost in the media that the Jags and their fans should be aware of?"

Skin Patrol : Fullback Mike Sellers. He hasn't done much this year, but last year he quietly accumulated 7 touchdowns on 12 receptions. He's a guy you can depend on when you need to move the chains or put points on the board, and I wish more people recognized how valuable he is to this football team. I'd also keep an eye on running back Ladell Betts, who catches the ball well out of the backfield and seems to get lost in the defense.

River City Rage : Allright folks, that's straight from the Hogs mouth!  Look for my interview on Hogs Haven later today.  Later this week, Skin Patrol will give us a "crash course" in the Redskins (as I will the Jags) so we know a little something about our foe!  Thanks again Skin Patrol!