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Ben Rothlisberger News!

I usually don't intend to update this site with other teams infomation too much, but when I stumbled upon Behind the Steel Curtain that Big Ben underwent emergency surgery for appendix removal.  Reports say Big Ben will be out for 2-3 weeks.

Why is this important for the Jaguars?  Because we play the Steelers in a prime time MNF game on September 18th, less than three weeks from now.

Now, don't get the impression I'm breathing a sigh of relief or something evil.  I'd be very dissapointed if we diddn't play the Steelers with everything they can throw at us.  Jacksonville wants to prove something in that game, if Ben is out (and I wish him a fast recovery), the game is automaticaly downgraded as "they diddn't play em at full strength"...

So, in a weird bit of logic, I gotta hope Ben recovers as fast from his surgery as he did his motorcycle incident.