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The Big Game

Here's four things that (I think) will be the difference maker

Offensive Readyness: This is the first week that every element of our Offense is healthy and ready to go.  TE Marcades Lewis is finally off the injury report as his High Ankle Sprain is finally healed.  The Offensive Line has provided good protection for Leftwich, and our Trio of WR's are all healthy.  Combine that with our solid ground game and there is potential for some point production...Let's see these elements come together and spit in the face of the critics

Skin's Defense: Sorry Hogs Haven I just don't see your defense being able to contain the multiheaded (albeit unproven) Jaguars offensive threat.

Special Teams: Time for them to show that last week was a mistake, not a trend.  FedEx Field is loud, so we gotta grab the good starting location where we can.  This would be a great week for Jones-Drew to show his stuff!

Mark Brunell : No sentimentality.  Show him the defense he wishes he could of had when he played in the River City.  Stroud and Hendersion need to reaquaint themselves.  Multiple Times.

I know it's a short preview, but it'll do.  As the night progresses I'll add more thoughts.

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