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Bad News Comes in Threes: Brian Williams Arrested

MORE bad news for the Jaguars Defense...

The Florida Times Union says that Brian Williams was arrested on Saturday for a DUI.

What concerns me the most is the absence of character on the part of Williams from the police report.

Things like this

He stumbled when asked to get out of his vehicle, and immediately told Bridges " I ain't gonna blow.''


Williams, the report added, was profane and cursed repeatedly while in the back of the police car, and used racial slurs toward Bridges when taken to jail.

And this...

When asked to perform a walking field sobriety exercise, Williams stepped off the line three times, then stated he would no longer cooperate, the report said.

Are not the sort of characters Jacksonville deserves.  Now, I don't want to hop on and start bashing a player before due process occurs, hell he hasn't even played a legitimate down for us yet.  But I've heard mention around the internet that the Jaguars are "thugs" on the field with late hits and unecessary roughness from time to time.  I've seen it, I can live with it...but what I can't tolerate is a team of off the field thugs.  That shit, if I may be so blunt, can stay in Minnesota.

I hope the team suspends him for the week.  I don't care that he cost 32 million dollars, I don't care that we need him to cover Terry Glenn or Terrel Owens.  The Jaguars need to make a statement that this behavior will NOT be tolerated.  

Terry Cousin is the number 3 Cornerback on the Depth Chart.  He's older and nowhere near as fast as Williams.  It's turning into a defensive nightmare as Stroud might have a serious ankle injury and Mike Peterson dosen't know if he'll play or not.  

Now, what you may not know is that Jacksonville is pretty deep talent wise at DT.  Sure, everyone knows Stroud and Henderson, that's cause they have impecable records of playing, even when hurt.  But most people don't know that Rob Meier is good enough to fill in for either one without missing much of a beat, and that DE Paul Spicer can play DT as well without much dropoff.  Henderson by himself is a monster to stop, Henderson + Spicer will do just fine stuffing the run.

Mike Peterson on the other hand is the emotional leader of the Defense.  He led the team in tackles last year and is critical in stopping the run.  If Pete is out you'll wanna look for Donovan Darius to move into the box to fill out the run defense.  (Making the Cornerbacks work harder...with TO...ugh)

Not like it's gonna matter, I'd still take backups on the D-line against the Cowboys O-line any day of the week.  Jorge Cordova and Rob Meier can pressure Bledsoe and then Mathis can grab the picks and it's game over.  Good defenses play well when healthy, great Defenses play well injured.