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Who's ready for some FREAKING FOOTBALL!!!

I've been jonesing for this day since the Super Bowl signed off.  I suffered through the Pro-Bowl, tolerated Mel Keiper's hair, and delayed going to the hospital for a hand injury just to see the Jags make their 5th round pick.  I've ridden the hype of our rookies through mini-camps, agonized through the Maurice Jones-Drew Denny's saga and even simulated a few seasons of the Jags on Madden, just to get an idea of what we'd see starting tomorrow afternoon.

Here's to football being back.

Now, I'm pretty new to the blogging thing, this is my first pre-game week of writing.  As I get into a groove and find my "voice" a bit, look for better pre-game coverage.  During the game, I'll be hosting an open thread here as well as jumping over to Blogging the Boys  to celebrate big plays and good times.  

After the game, I'll post my initial thoughts and reactions (probably elation and relief after Jacksonville demonstrates their big play offense and powerhouse defense.  

Not to get ahead of myself, but next week's a big Monday night beatdown against the Steelers, so I'll be coordinating some coverage with Behind the Steel Curtain. So that'll be exciting.

So if you're new to the site or just stopping bye, keep an eye out for updates and commentary.  I'm getting the hang of this stuff and look forward to being your cyber eyes and ears on the next AFC South Champions.