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Jaguars v. Chiefs, Wrap-up

Howdy all!

I've returned from my precarious journey deep into the bowels of enemy territory.  Yes, I survived my adventures at Arrowhead Stadium.

I've got plenty to say about the end of the Jags run and some looking back to do, but for now, here are my thoughts of the Away Game experience  and the game itself.

I was completely impressed with the passion and energy of the Arrowhead Crowd.  Considering the circumstances and all the "if's" going into the game, they were loud and proud.  

Though, borrowing from Florida State was a little lame in my eyes.  Even admitting that it's unoriginal doesn't help.

Watching pregame warm-ups might have been my favorite part of the game.  My seats were 14 rows up in the lower bowl, so I was able to walk right down to the edge and see each position group get ready.  The O-line folks were the only ones to respond to the (three) Jags fans there that early, with Vince Manuwai throwing out a "Hang Loose".

Maurice Jones-Drew is like a hyper 3 year old before the game.  He's also the only guy in the huddle who doesn't have  to bend over to hear the play.

Matt Jones is lazy.  Plain and simple.  He's got to be reminded to tuck his shirt in, he gave up on what was very nearly a touchdown pass right before halftime.  He had to go another two yards and diddn't have the focus to stay on his feat.  Those points were within the margin of victory, yet he just kept up his lackadaisical attitude.  It drives me crazy that he's the only one catching passes it seems yet he's the one doing the least to earn his spot next season.

Reggie Williams is a dance machine.  Even in warm-ups.   Even during basic pass caching drills.  I wish I had pictures.

The Chiefs won because they stepped up and played like they were desperate.  They opened the playbook and tried anything and everything to win.  Jacksonville did not do that till the second half, and it was 30 min too late.

Thanks a lot Quin Grey for adding just a little more spice into the Jaguars off season.  Seeing you run for two touchdowns and lead the team while confuddling the Chiefs because they had no preparation and no film on you was awesome.  Now you gotta do it again when the other team knows your coming and see how that treats you.

Great peeps in Kansas City though, no heckling, great crowd cheers, good BBQ available in the stands.  It was interesting being a very cold Floridian, being the only one in my section cheering the team and not feeling any heat for it.  Also, props to KC for standing up the ENTIRE FREAKING GAME.  I mean, I'm all about getting into games, don't get me wrong, but these folk's don't even sit down between kickoffs or tv-timeouts or anything.  If you want to see the action you better bring good shoes!.

My other half took some pics during the game, I'll post em as soon as I can get em off her camera and onto my comp.

Happy New Year everyone, I'll be back tomorrow as we sort through this season and consider what's next for our team!