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Mock Draft Round Up!

Mock Draft Round Up!

Another in a continuing series about who's saying what about whomever they think Jacksonville will draft.

This week I'm noticing that Quentin Moses is no longer the consensus choice.  The wildest is the Colt from Hawai, I don't see him fitting in the Jaguars offensive plans.  The last thing our quarterback controversy needs is a 4th contender for the title.

Draft Daddy : 17. LB Lawrence Timmons, Florida State

A nasty defense keeps getting nastier as Timmons upgrades the outside linebacking spot.

NFL Draft Countdown:

17. COLT BRENNAN QB | Hawaii

It would appear to be a mortal lock that Byron Leftwich will be sent packing this offseason, which I don't agree with because in my mind you don't get rid of a 27-year-old quarterback who was the #7 overall pick in the draft not that long ago when you don't have a clear-cut replacement on the roster. But I digress... As of now it looks like David Garrard and Quinn Gray are set to duke it out for the starting job but neither has even come close to establishing themselves as the long-term solution so the Jags might very well be in the market for a top young signal caller. This may be a slight reach but probably not nearly as much as some might think and Jacksonville has been known to be a little unconventional when it comes to the draft. There are certainly questions about Colt Brennan ranging from his past off-the-field transgressions to his throwing motion to the system he played in with the Rainbow Warriors but there is also a lot to like as well. There is a pretty big drop-off in talent after Russell and Quinn but someone will likely emerge as that #3 quarterback and right now Brennan looks like he may end up being the guy.

War Room Draft Guide: 17
 *Robert Meachem 6-3, 205 -

Draft Ace : 17. Quentin Moses Defensive End, Georgia

Moses is a top ten talent that is hurt by some character issues and his struggles as a senior. The Jaguars are in a position to take a risk because they are very close to taking the step to the next level. As good as their defense is, they lack a truly dominant pass rusher and Moses could be the missing piece to the puzzle.

Football Minds : 17. Reggie Nelson, Safety, Florida ,

I think the Jags will focus on upgrading their secondary first and Nelson fits here.

Kevin Alvidera  : 17. Reggie Nelson//Florida

Like the Falcon's pick, this seems to be a match made in NFL Draft Heaven. Nelson offers premium value at the 17th pick and a player pure free safety that will come in and help the Jaguars defense right away.

Draft Answers : 17  Tim Crowder DE, Texas :

The Jags have two studs in the middle of their defensive line, and here they look for one on the outside of it.