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Carl Smith, Pete Rodriguez, others Fired

This just in: Jack Del Rio announced that Offensive Coordinator Carl Smith, Special Teams Coordinator (and 90's Special Teams coach of the decade) Pete Rodriguez, quarterbacks coach Ken Anderson, wide receivers coach Steve Walters and special teams assistant Mark Michaels would "not be retained" for 2007.

I'm pretty pleased with the decisions.  What sucked this year?  Our passing offense, quarterbacks, wide receivers, and special teams.  Heads rolled in each department.  

Del Rio also admitted he's open to finding an outside solution for the quarterback problem whilst simultaniously downplaying any rift beteween him and Byron Leftwich.

Fred Taylor's Contract was also mentioned and Jack said they'd be persuing an extension for Fred that worked for the team and Taylor.

I've not had a chance to muck through the press conference yet, but I'll do so shortly and get back to yall.  So far nothing completely unexpected, I'm especially glad to see Ken Anderson go, he's tainted two posistions.  I'd like to see a real hard ass up and comer go in there that's willing to admit that some of our projects might be too far corrupted to salvage.  A fresh opinion looks to be our best option.

What I don't see happening is Mike Tice stepping up to the plate at OC, only because I'm scared to death that he'd be as bad at calling plays in Jax as he was in the Great White North.  But that's just me.