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The Quiet Time....

I know, I know.  Everyone in the world has been coming here looking for the latest and greatest Jaguars news and commentary.

Cause there just isn't much else going on in the football world right now.

Especially not this and this.  Congradulations to both of em for being in the Big Game.

Not to talk about the Colt's so much, but damn if that was not one of the best second half's of football I've ever seen.  The only thing I like more than the Colts losing is listening to Pats Nation shut up for a bit about how amazing Brady and Cut Off Sweater is at the game.

Here's what I've got cooking right now.

  1. Look for some changes to the site itself, I'm gonna add some sidebar content in regards to the Draft.  I'm taking surveys of "mock drafts" and I'm gonna put bio's of the average 17th picks for ease and entertainment.  
  2. Free Agency breakdown.  We've got 21+ million in cap space and I expect that we spend most of it.  We'll examine who's out there and who we might target.  Jacksonville always does one big FA signing on the first or second day, I expect this year will be no different.
  3.  Who's in and Who's out: Who's gonna remain in teal and black, who's leaving, and who wants more money.
  4. SB Nation Mock Draft.  A bunch of us bloggers will do a series of full mock drafts from time to time.  If nothing else it'll help fill the air till the Draft.
I'll admit, I've never followed draft prospects as closely as I plan on doing this year.  This is a bit new to me, but as long as you roll with my ramblings and slightly educated guesses...

That's all for now, keep coming back and seeing what's new!