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Maurice Jones-Drew: Not Offensive Rookie of the Year

Sorry folks, our cause here fell short as Vince "Just Wins Games" Young won Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Vince got 23 of the 50 votes, MJD got a mere 9.  

I'm glad to se that the voters are able to muck through statistics and fair comparison and instead go for the more important trait: Marketability.  I mean, it's important for the league and it's pundits to support the most "electable" player for each award.  And they went out of their way to give the Defensive Rookie of the Year to someone that nobody (unjustly, I  might add) heard of in DeMarco Ryans (Who totally deserves it), so they obviously had to go with a name recognized favorite for the Offensive ROY.

I mean, look at what Vince did in that win against Jacksonville.  He really contributed to the team by doing all those 3 and outs so that the Jags could put their Offense on the field so that the Titans Defense (coached by VY, I've heard) can do their thing.

Now, I'm being a bit harsh here.  I'm impressed with how Vince Young progressed from the awful quarterback he was at the start to the Marginal quarterback he is today, albeit with feet.  He'll be allright in the league, I'll give you that, but  remember the lessons of Atlanta.

All Maurice Jones-Drew did was score 16 touchdowns, practicaly carry the offense on his back for weeks, score more points than many teams, run for more yards in return and in rushes, have one of the highest yards per carry averages, and completely suprise the league for what he could do with his size.

Though, I hope he adds this slight to his "complex" and doubles his performance for next year.

In all fairness, Vince did a hell of a job on a team that was supposed to have no chance at the playoffs.  I'm not looking forward to seeing him twice a year, every year, till he's retired, traded, or hurt.