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Salary Cap Reading.

Jacksonville has an estimated 31.5 million in cap space next season.

But we should all remember the days when we couldnt do anything because of the spectre of contract restructuring.

Our dear friends over at Hogs Haven are entering a dangerous period as they are over the cap and under the roster and face all sorts of heady decisions.

I'd like all of you to read this  It's a good reminder of things we've gone through in the past and something to keep things in check as we make our run toward the ring in the future.

The next several months are gonna be marked by disagreement, loss, frustration, and desperation as we try and put the team back together, or rather, our understanding of the team.  We'll see friendly faces go, new ones come in, and disagree about the Front Offices priorities.

But let's agree on one thing.

Please keep the Cap in mind, no matter how much space we have, keep our cap healthy so our team can contend on the long haul.