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Playoff Pics

Colts over Chiefs: I want sooo badly to see LJ knock the Colt's out of the playoffs.  But let's be realistic, Larry's gonna run for a metric ass-ton of yards, but Peyton and Co are gonna score just as fast.  Hang out with the fine folks at Stampede Blue and Arrowhead Pride and follow the maddness.

Eagles over Giants:  I like the Eagles right now, I think they're gonna keep some magic going, at least through this round.  Follow along at Bleeding Green Nation

Seahawks over Dallas: One team was bad all year, the other, bad at the end. This site would really like to see Drew Bledsloe come in and win the day. Shrug over at Field Gulls would disagree that the 'Hawks are bad, but his blog can explain why much better than I.  The bunch of hooligans over at Blogging the Boys really know their stuff, so check em out.

Pats over Jets: There has never been a playoff team that's done so little as the NY Jets.  They will be out played, out matched, and out coached from top to bottom.  Pats Pulpit will back me up there.

That's it for now.

Enjoy the Playoffs, as much as you can without the Jags...