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Oh God Make it Stop: Early January Mock Drafts!

I'm bored and sitting in the Springfield Branson Regional Airport.  Therefore, here's a look around the internets at some mock drafts and who the crowds think Jacksonville will be picking.  Already I'm seeing some consensus that it'll be Georgia Defensive End Quentin Moses.  I'm not a draft expert by any means, so I'm gonna abstain from opining about the subject so early, but here's what the folks who (think they) are smarter than me say.

Mock Draft City : QB - *Brian Brohm 6-4, 225 - Louisville (1/5)

The Football Expert : 17.  Jacksonville Jaguars- Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia
Seems DE and LB both could be addressed.  I had Moses higher than Posluszny. (1/4)

Walters Football Site:Jacksonville Jaguars: Ted Ginn, WR, Ohio State
Everyone saw how many passes Jacksonville's receiving corps dropped during its Monday Night Football contest against the Giants. All of the Jaguars wide outs happen to be of the possession variety. They need a speed-burner. (1/4)

QI Sports :17 DE Quentin Moses, Georgia (1/4)

Draft Ace Quentin Moses, DE, Georiga: "Moses is a top ten talent that is hurt by some character issues and his struggles as a senior. The Jaguars are in a position to take a risk because they are very close to taking the step to the next level. As good as their defense is, they lack a truly dominant pass rusher and Moses could be the missing piece to the puzzle." (1/4)

NFL Answers: 17. Jacksonville Jaguars-Defensive End/Outside Linebacker Quentin Moses, Georgia

"The Jaguars have a solid group of linebackers but Quentin Moses has the ability to play defensive end or linebacker which would give the Jaguars some versatility and fill a hole at Akin Ayodele's old position." (1/3)

Huddle Geeks : WR - *Ted Ginn 6-0, 180 - Ohio State (1/3)
In the scale of things unlikely to happen, Jacksonville drafting a Wide Receiver in the first round is just above Solar Supernova and below Jimmy Hoffa running for President.  It just won't happen.  Free Agency or later rounds, sure, but Jacksonville will not  draft another first round WR.

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