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Jacksonville Jaguars versus Houston Texans: A Spoiled History

One of few good memories…

No team sends chills down my spine like the Houston Texans.  How many seasons have been spoiled by the boys in Battle Red?  Too many to even acknowledge .  As this week develops and the Jaguars (and their fans) realize with confidence that we've got a strong team, I'd like to take a little time to remind ourselves of the difficult history we've had with the Texans.  

The Jaguars are 4 and 6 against the Texans.  3-2 at home, 2-3 at Houston.  Below are the few highlights and many low lights of each game

Houston Texans 13, at Jacksonville 10 (Nov. 12, 06)-- The beginning of the end last season started not at Tennessee, but with the debacle at home against the struggling texans.  We saw the ability of David Garrard to fall apart and turn the game over with his 4 interceptions.  Fred Taylor had a good day with 134 total yards (63 rushing, 71 receiving), and the defense was strong in holding the Texans to 3 second half points, but David could not lead the Jaguars to victory as turnovers broke our back.  David had a chance to win the game, but as they were driving at the end of the game, Reggie Williams was flagged for offensive pass interference.  A Jaguars punt gave the ball to the Texans, who were able to milk the clock to victory.  

at Houston 27, Jacksonville 7 (10/22/06)-- Jacksonville came out of the bye week flat and let the Texans stop the Jags in very hostile turf.  Fred Taylor and Ernest Wilford had critical second half fumbles that eliminated any chance of a comeback.  Byron Leftwich only passed for 125 yards, as the running game only had 94 yards.  Maurice Jones-Drew would have the only score, with a 3rd quarter 1 yard run.  Jacksonville could not convert on 3rd down and the rest was history.   We were one of the few teams gashed by the arm of David Carr, who has 224 yards and 2 TD's

Jacksonville 38, at Houston 20 (12/24/05)-- In a game that had the Jaguars thinking about what happened on the day after christmas in 2004, they took the field knowing that a victory secured a playoff spot.   This is not to say that we weren't challenged by the 2-11 Texans, as the Jaguars were forced to score three touchdowns in the 4th quarter in order to mount the comeback.  David Garrard looked like he does now when filling in for Byron, he was 18-31 passing, 292 yards and a TD.  Jacksonville would eventually win and go to the playoffs.

at Jacksonville 21, Houston 14 (11/06/05)-- Houston gave the Jags a bit of a fit in this game, though would eventually fall as the Jaguars acted like the Cardiac Cats with two 4th quarter TD's.  Byron Leftwich would rush for an 8 yard TD and Greg Jones an 12 yard TD in the last few min.  The Jaguars were kept off the board until Ernest Wilford caught a TD in the 3rd.  Clearly, the trend of very close games where the Jaguars have to come back in order to win was in place.

Houston 21, at Jacksonville 0 (12/26/04)-- You remember this one.  The one where the fans and the Jaguars didn't show up and it cost the Jaguars a playoff spot? The one where we were shut out at home by the 7-8 Texans?  The one where we gave up the largest margin of victory in the Texans short history?  I don't even like thinking about this game.  It just makes me sad.

So, in the last five games, the Texans have not only beat us three times, but they've made us struggle in every single game.  Both victories in 2005 required late 4th quarter comebacks.  

Do Not Expect an easy game on Sunday.  Expect a close game, that's what history tells us will happen.