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David Garrard: Fact of the Day!

Quick Fact, courtesy of Vic Ketchman

In Garrard's last 18 starts, if you take out the Houston game on Nov. 12 of last year when he suffered four interceptions - two of them were the result of Matt Jones putting the ball in the Texans' hands - Garrard has completed 284 of 451 passes for 3,371 yards, 18 touchdowns, six interceptions and a 93.4 passer rating. He had a 100-plus rating in nine of those 18 starts and threw an interception in only four of those games.

I'm including the Tennessee game from week 15 in those 18 starts. You know the game. The one in which Garrard's body was invaded by demons during the night and the result was a nightmarish performance that included three interceptions, two of which were returned for touchdowns.

Folks, take out both the Houston and Tennessee games and look at what you got. Take out those games and we're talking about a guy with a 17-3 touchdown to interception ratio, and that's the stuff of which big-time quarterbacks are made.

Yeah, Vic is playing with the numbers by excluding games a bit, but in light of the Tony Romo Monday Night Fiasco, I guess we're all a little more understanding of bad games by good quarterbacks.

Anyhow, this is just a little something to chew on as you go through your day!