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Jaguars v. Texans: Wednesday Injury Report

Ok, here's the Wednesday Injury Report!  Thankfully it's very small and without much excitement.


PK Josh Scobee: OUT
TE George Wrightster: Knee, Did Not Practice
G Chris Naeole: Knee, Limited

Notable Absence: Center Brad Meester

WR Andre Johnson: Knee, Did Not Practice
LB DeMeco Ryans: Ankle, Did Not Practice
PK Kris Brown: Left Foot, Limited
DT Travis Johnson: Knee (Trent Green), Limited
WR Jacoby Jones: Shoulder, Limited
DE N.D. Kalu: Hand, Limited

Hopefully Andre and DeMeco stay on that list, as I don't want to see either one of them lined up against the Jags.  Now don't get me wrong, I have a TON of respect for DeMeco and Andre, but better to have them on the sidelines than anywhere else...