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NFL Week 6 Predictions and Picks!

In the sprit of accountability Im going to start posting my predictions for each game.  I'm going to attempt to do so straight up since betting on sports is illegal , so that you, the reader, can get a better idea of where I'm at with the rest of the NFL.  I'm a firm believer in "any given sunday" and understand the absurdity of trying to keep a better than 50% average in these picks.  That said, hopefully I can do better than Peter King

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs: KC is a three point favorite this week, were I a gambling man, I'd take Cincy and the points, simply because KC has no offense, terrible play calling, an injured quarterback, and a completely demoralized fan base.  Even though the Bengals can't stop anyone, I'd be surprised if KC can crack the double digits in points.

The Pick: The Bengals

Miami Dolphins vs. Cleveland Browns: Ugh, what a terrible game.  I feel bad for all the folks in Orlando, Daytona, and even Miami for having to watch this game instead of the Jags.  Miami is favored by 5, and in all seriousness the final score could be 5-0.  

The Pick: Miami, only because I have Florida bias. That and Joey Porter is talking shit about Kellen Winslow Jr. again.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears: I have a "player crush" on Adrian Peterson.  He's the real deal at RB.  I'll never understand how he got 18 yards rushing in the first half and 2 in the second half.  Other than Peterson, I don't think the Vikes have any offensive threat that can pierce the Bears defense.  Speaking of the Bears, it's a good thing that the Vikes can't pass, cause the Bears secondary is in rough shape.  Bears are a 6 point winner.

The Pick: Bears

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets: The Eagles are playing with clipped wings lately.  Get it?  Clipped Wings?  Never mind.  My only thought on this game is that I'd really like Kevin Curtis to have a tremendous game.  Not that I'd ever relate fantasy football to the real NFL.  That said, I think the Eagles get back on track, mainly because it's easy to stop a team that can onl throw the ball 15 yards.  Eagles are favored by 3, but I bet the final score is way bigger than that.

The Pick: Eagles

St. Louis Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens: I apologize in advance, but here's more fantasy football crap.  For the last three years I've found a way to have Mark Bulger lead my fantasy teams to greatness.  He was always good for a bunch of points no mater what, and he was always available later than say Manning and McNabb.  I also dreamed of drafting Steven Jackson this season, thinking he'd be huge.  Guess what?  The Rams are terrible, Bulger is on the bench and Jackson is hurt.  It's like fantasy football hell this season.  Stay away from the Rams no matter what.

The Pick: Baltimore.  They should be 50 point favorites, not 10.

Tennessee Titans vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:* I won't even look at reality with this pick.  No way in hell do I pick the Titans, even if they're playing the Rams or even Notre Dame.  The Jaguars are well served when any of the AFC South loses, so let's root for our NFC friends on the other end of interstate 4.

The Pick: Tampa.  Duh.

Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers: I can usually find a way to find some sort of legitimate rooting interest in any game.  But not this one.  Seriously, best I can come up with is a Mark Brunell connection in DC, but he's not even starting.  I do tire of all the Brett Favre nonsense, so maybe that's enough for a pick.

The Pick: Washington. Who's a 3 point underdog, if you're interested.

Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals: I'm thinking the Cards are gonna win this one.  Call it a hunch, but when you're signing Vinnie Testaverde and you're not New England, you might be in quarterback trouble.  

The Pick: Arizona Cardnals, 4 point favorite.

New England Patriots vs. Dallas Cowboys: Please god, don't let this be a hypefest all week.  Two things tire me out: 1. Boston Sports Fans and 2. Tony Romo.  I just can't win.  Just imagine this nightmare situation.  Red Sox win the World Series, Pats win the Superbowl, Celtics win in the East. Worse yet, the Pats get a top 7 draft pick out of the 49ers, so the draft is dominated by the Pats.  Oh wait, don't forget that Boston College is doing well too.  There is no bigger threat to our national security than the possiblity that Boston could hold multiple titles at the same time.  The ego and smugness coming out of that city would require a preemptive strike, no doubt.

The Pick: Dallas, out of spite and lack of better options.  A nothing-nothing tie would be perfect though.

Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers: Never, ever bet on Norv Turner.  Yeah, they smoked a crappy Denver team, but can Norv put it together two weeks in a row?  I don't think so.  Which is sad, because I like the Chargers.  I think it's terrible what's happened to them.

The Pick: Oakland, but I really want to be wrong. (ten point underdog)

New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks: The last two weeks have seen me say to myself "gee, they can't lose 3 in a row, or 4 in a row...".  I'm done with that.  Until they prove me wrong, I'm picking the other way.  Oh, and I'd like to give a shot out to one of my favorite NFL Players, Fullback Mack Strong.  Good job getting out while the gettings good.  I wish you a happy retirement!

The Pick: Seattle.

Feel free to mock me endlessly over these picks.