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Jaguars v. Texans: Final Injury Report


PK Josh Scobee: OUT
TE George Wrightster: Knee, Probable
G Chris Naeole: Knee, Probable
DE Reggie Hayward: Hamstring, Questionable
DE Paul Spicer: Thigh, Probable
DT Marcus Stroud: Ankle, Probable
RB Fred Tayor: Groin, Questionable

Friday Status Designations:
Out - Will not play
Doubtful - At least 75% chance will not play
Questionable - 50% chance will not play
Probably - A virtual certainty will play

WR Andre Johnson: Knee, OUT!!!
LB DeMeco Ryans: Ankle, Probable
PK Kris Brown: Left Foot, Probable
DT Travis Johnson: Knee (Trent Green), Probable
WR Jacoby Jones: Shoulder, Probable
DE N.D. Kalu: Hand, Probable

Biggest concerns: Hayward being questionable, I don't like seeing our d-line hampered by injuries.  This could be big.  Fred's got a Groin Injury and will be a game time decision. This is why we have Maurice Jones-Drew and Greg Jones, so I'm not too worried about Fred not playing.

On the Houston front, we won't see Andre Johnson, which is good.  DeMeco will probably play, so we'll get to see an up and coming star play against our boys...

Enjoy your Sat!

And GO USF!!!