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Jaguars v. Colts: Media Dump (Travel Day)

Well folks, today is a big day for Big Cat Country, as I'm starting to make my way back to the Sunshine State for the Monday Night Football game.

Yeah, I know it's wednesday and the game isn't till Monday, but cheap fares wrote my schedule.

That being said, it's Wednesday, so the hype of last Sunday is behind us and it's all about what's ahead.  Let's take a look at what the Traditional Media says about our Jags as we proceed toward the biggest game of the year! has a great piece about Fred Taylor's history against the Indianapolis Colts.  While LT probably has the best "against one team" record, Fred is known for great performances against Indy.  

For example:

In 11 games against the Jaguars' division rival, Taylor has rushed for 971 yards, his most rushing yards against any team in the league. Taylor has rushed for five touchdowns, a 5.0 yards-per-carry average and has caught 20 passes for 175 yards.

Taylor broke loose for a 76-yard gain on the Jaguars' first offensive play of a 44-17 win over the Colts last December, and it was that play that began a rushing avalanche that produced 375 yards and the most embarrassing moment of the season for the Colts.

Of course, the number 375 will be pretty common this week.  One thing needs to be put in perspective, the Colts won the Super Bowl after that game, we bombed the rest of the season.  

The Orlando Sentinel does a nice write up of how John Broussard challanges defenses, even though he's rarely thrown the ball.

Although he has been activated for all five games, Broussard has only two catches. But offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter said that just because Broussard isn't getting the ball thrown his way doesn't mean he's not doing the job -- or that he's not being effective.

"If you watch the film . . . when Brou's out there, DBs are pointing [at him]," Koetter said. "His speed is respected. Sometimes he's what we call the assist man. Sometimes he's clearing out for people to come underneath him."

Charlie Bernstein, a writer who I greatly respect, writes the Jagnation Game Preview

Defensively, Indianapolis is a small, quick unit who can rush the passer effectively, and are built to play with a lead. The Colts starting defensive ends, Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are quick, athletic guys who can get to the quarterback and cause turnovers. The most important player on the Colts defense is strong safety Bob Sanders, who is one of the game's hardest hitters, despite being just 5'8 , 206 lbs.

The Colts defense normally plays teams straight up with deep safeties to avoid giving up big plays in the passing game. This week, the Colts will likely try to load up the line of scrimmage to force the Jaguars 21st ranked passing game to beat them through the air. The Colts defense was embarrassed the last time these two teams got together by the Jaguars physical offensive line, and they will likely sell-out against the run in this contest.

The Florida Times Union had a great interview with Cornerback Rashean Mathis.  Read the whole thing, it's facinating to see how he keeps his head straight with all the pressures of being an NFL All Star!

In doing research for this interview, there wasn't much out there in terms of stories written about you and in the locker room, you seem to kind of put up a wall so that people don't get too close. Why is that?

[Laughs] I'm a very antisocial person, but with the teammates I mix and mingle. I'm definitely a homebody. I don't go out a lot. Two years ago I dedicated my life to Christ so all the clubbing and all that has stopped. Other than my house, and Titus Harvest Dome Spectrum [church] there aren't too many other places you'll find me other than here in this locker room. I'm a very calm guy. I'm a very down to earth guy and feel like I'm humble. But I love people. I have my TV show, so I can mix and mingle with the best of them. But when it's time to get away from football, I really get away from football.

That's all I have for now, If I have time before my flight I'll do a Power Rankings round-up, but this flight is looking pretty full, so I might not have a chance...