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Jaguars v. Colts: Injury Report

Here we go, your weekly look at who's not practicing!


PK Josh Scobee: Quadriceps, Out  

DE Reggie Hayward: Hamstring, Limited

DT John Henderson: Back, Limited    

RB Maurice Jones-Drew: Thigh, Limited

RB Fred Taylor: Groin, Limited


OT Tony Ugoh: Team Decision, DNP

LB Victor Worsley: Foot, DNP   

WR Marvin Harrison: Knee, Limited

Comments: Not sure what to make of the Tony Ugoh situation, I'd love to see a third string left tackle start against our Jags, but just like we completely expect Fred and Jones-Drew to play, I'll expect Tony and Marvin to be starting.

The most notable absence is Bob Sanders.  When we destroyed the Colts last season they were without Sanders and they had a few...awful defenders.  Bob's back, June and Gardner are gone, and we'll go head to head with their real defense.  

Which is not to say that we can't grind them with our offense and run the ball, but I don't expect to see Jones-Drew getting 400 total yards.

But I expect a win!