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Jack Del Rio: Post game quotes

Morning folks, just got home from Florida.  Got a lot to catch up on.

Here's Jack Del Rio's post game interview for starters!!


"It was a good football team out there and the Colts, they did a nice job tonight.  We made far too many mistakes tonight to win that ballgame.  The guys played, I thought, with a lot of energy and determination.  There were just too many mistakes.  We let them out of some holes.  We turned the ball over three times. We had a chance at the on-set of the second half with them. We got some life. We got the crowd back into it. Went down and scored a touchdown and things were going pretty good, and we ended up taking a sack there and then turned the ball over a couple times after that.  It was a good football team, obviously, one you can't make a lot of mistakes and expect to beat them.  It didn't go the way we wanted tonight and we recognize that, obviously.  A lot of things I think we can look at and pick out from this game to learn from and obviously we won't have a lot of time to go through this film because we've got to get ready for our next opportunity in less than six days. So it'll be a challenge for us to get turned around and get down to Tampa and play our next opponent and that'll be where our focus is. We've got a good football team, it just didn't go well tonight for us and they were the better team, they won the game.  We play them again at their place and we hope for a better result the, but tonight they were better. They got the win and so we move on."

(on the message to the team)  "The reality is a lot of energy expended.  It was a big opportunity, certainly, but they took care of business.  They've been able to go out, they being the Colts, and win their three road division games so a good start for their season.  Obviously we're a good football team and we just didn't quite have enough to get it done tonight against them but it's imperative that we bounce back.  There's a lot of football left.  We're six games into a 16-game regular season here.  There is a lot of football in front of us and we're going to play better football than we did tonight."

(what is David Garrard's status?)  "He's got an ankle.   It's one of those deals where we'll know more tomorrow when we see how it responds.  He has a pretty good sprain on there so I would think in all likelihood he'll be missing some time.  I would think most likely that he's going to miss some time.  Now, I'll know more tomorrow, but he tweaked it pretty good."

(did his knee get bent?)  "No.  I just spoke with him and the doctors and the knee is not a problem.  It was in the ankle and right now it's in the ankle itself and its sore. He got a pretty good sprain on there."

(what did you think of the play when Ed Johnson hit him?)  "I didn't see the actual hit.  I saw it but I wasn't focused in on that particular...I didn't get a clean look at exactly how it happened."

(is there any indication Johnson was going low on Garrard?) "No, their guys are small guys.  They tackle low quite a bit, but I can't speak specifically to that."

(is it a high ankle sprain?) "Again, we'll know more tomorrow.  Anytime you hear the word `high' I guess that means it's a pretty severe sprain. Right now it doesn't look like it's just an average roll of the ankle.  It looks like a pretty good sprain. I'll know more tomorrow."

(on the fourth and inches try early in the game)  "We were going to need to make plays to win this game and we had a good plan coming in and thought we could take advantage of that situation and make a big play, and it didn't come off the way we hoped obviously."

(are Garrard's x-rays negative?) "As far as not broken, yes."

(on Maurice Jones-Drew leaving the field prior to the end of the game) "He got a little sprain on his knee but nowhere near like David did.  He's going to be a little tender, but I'll know more tomorrow."

(will you have to bring in another quarterback?)  "In all likelihood based on the initial prognosis, I would think that there will be either Lester (Ricard) being moved up active or a veteran brought in, but we'll sort through that tomorrow."

(why was Matt Jones inactive?) "We ended up going a little heavy at D-line.  With Reggie's (Hayward) situation with the hamstring and a little bit tenuous, we ended up going a little heavier there knowing the kind of style we're going to have to play against the Colts. So we elected to go with nine defensive linemen and four wide-outs and we were a little heavy there. Obviously we'd like to have all our players up. We've got 53 pretty good players, I'd like to get them all in there but we have to make choices every week."

(on the run game)  "We went in knowing that they were going to be jammed up in the box, which they were, and there would be some easy opportunities outside, which there were, and we hit some of them.  When you don't convert third downs, it limits your opportunities to get to all the stuff you had planned, and that's really what happened. So you don't get to what you want to do and then defensively you're not getting off when they're third and 18 and third and 15, and things like that, you're giving them more opportunities. So, those are the types of things that allow them to have a little more fun than us today."

(is it fair to say the game plan going in was loosening up with the pass though you couldn't run the ball?) "We weren't going to get too far away from the run. We just knew there would be some things where they're just stuffing the box the way they were, and there were some easy completions out there early in the ballgame."

(on the fourth and inches play, running outside instead of up in the middle. Did you see something in the Colts that they were vulnerable on that?) "Yeah, and Bob Sanders made a great play on that.  Hindsight is great; obviously that play didn't work, I'd like to pick another one. It doesn't work that way."

(does it appear Garrard will not be able to start next week against Tampa?) "I don't want to get too far ahead of it because we'll know more tomorrow.  I think in all likelihood that's going to be the case.  Now when we wake up tomorrow and we get back in here, we'll look at him again.  He's got a pretty good sprain on it."

(on Garrard playing another series after the injuring his ankle)  "It was the kind of thing where he wasn't terribly sore.  It was sore but he thought he could go and he was moving around ok, but then it just really started to swell and that's when we knew, with the swelling that was there, that we needed to shut him down."

(what did you think of Quinn Gray?) "He misfired on a couple. We had a couple opportunities and he misfired a couple times.  Obviously that is not an ideal situation to be thrust into, but we'll put a plan together and expect them to play well for us to help us win."

(on the play of the offensive tackles) "On one of those two plays I know for sure we were expecting chip help there and the guy free-released and didn't give the chip help, so that didn't help that situation on the Freeney sack which was a safety.  Look, they're very talented, violent edge rushers.  I think they're very good at what they do and you've got to account for them. We had a pretty good plan to make sure we limited their ability to effect us and like I said, we didn't get to as much of our plan as we would have liked because we didn't possess the ball enough and that's part of playing good defense.  They did a nice job.  They limited our opportunities, they got us off the field and that's part of playing good defense."

(on throwing passes from your own four before the safety?) "Again, that falls right into the category of didn't go well so I'd like to have a do-over. If you want to give me one, I'll take it."

(on the fourth and three drive and electing not to go for the 51-yard field goal, was that out of John Carney's range?) "Yeah, we would not try that unless we absolutely had to have a kick at that point."

(are you concerned about a carryover effect or do you think the players can put this one aside and be ready for Tampa?) "I'm concerned about physically getting back to work Wednesday. Emotionally, take a day to get over it. It should hurt to lose, but we'll be back at work Wednesday. The team broke just now and talked about the commitment to come back to work and how much football is in front of us. We've got a good team that is facing some adversity right now, so we need to bounce back Wednesday, put our plan together and make sure we go down to a very good Tampa team that's 3-0 at home.  They've won all their home games so far and obviously that's going to be a big challenge for us."

(on the team reacting to being in a chase mode)  "We're certainly familiar with it.  We've been in that mode for a few years now.  They're very good. They started the season exceptionally well. They've been undefeated now to start their year three years in a row, I believe, and so that is what it is. We've got to deal with it. We would have liked to have had a different outcome tonight but they earned it, they did a nice job tonight, they won it and so we go back to work and continue on and then we'll see them again down the road."