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Jaguars v. Tampa Bay: Friday Injury Report and Other things

Lots of questionable players for the Jags.  We could have some problems on the D-line if Tony, Marcus,  and Reggie are out.  Jones-Drew, were I to guess, will play.  He's a fierce competitor and won't sit back when the QB is in a spot.

I'm tremendously worried about our defensive line, especially this week with the injuries.  I can't understand it, but we've been struck hard by the injury bug and I don't like what it could mean.  Thankfully the Bucs don't have a whole lot at running back, so we can focus on making Jeff Garcia into a bad passer.

As usual, the folks at Buc Em have the best Tampa Bay insight out there.  If you want to know what's up with them, go check out that site.  I'm currently sick in bed with some sort of ailment (I blame the sick people on my recent flight) and haven't been thinking about the game nearly as much as I should.

More info to come tomorrow!