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Week 8 Early Games: Open Thread

Top of the morning fellows!

We've got the late game, so there's not much to say about the game just yet.

I assume you'll all join me in rooting for the Carolina [Panthers] as they take on the Colts.  Who knows, the Colts drop this game and next week against the pats and we're all evened up with them as far as overall record is concerned (not divisional, of course).

Same goes for Oakland over the Titans.  Titans are ahead of us in the division, but a loss to the Raiders can still help the Jaguars in the tie break department.

Houston takes on the fire-weary Chargers, and again a loss is good for the Jaguars because of the eventual tie-breaker.  

So as you're watching the games, keep an eye on the Panthers, Chargers, and Raiders.  Who knows, if they all win, we could see Jacksonville's situation improve just a smidgen.

I'll be back later with the official game thread!