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Jaguars v. Bucs: 1st Quater Live Blog!

Update [2007-10-28 16:32:31 by River City Rage]: 14 Straight run plays lead to a dump off to Jones-Drew for a 15 yard gain all the way to the Goal Line. Toefield runs it in for the TD. We said "run it till they bleed" and we ran it until they bled. I like it.

Update [2007-10-28 16:29:10 by River City Rage]: 13 runs in a row. This is a statement drive. We're trying to impose our will. We've got four backs capable of dishing out the hurt, time out Jaguars.

Update [2007-10-28 16:26:9 by River City Rage]: 3 runs, a few inches short. Time to go for it. Greg Jones is in, one yard to go. And Toefield gets it! Oh yeah, that's ten runs in a row. TEN RUNS.

Update [2007-10-28 16:22:57 by River City Rage]: Wrightster has a great return on a short kick. I hope to see more of our tight ends in non-special teams areas. Last drive was a series of 6 runs. I'd be OK with that if we were converting on 3rd down. Though a big part of me wants to see a huge Fred Taylor run, he's only got 124 more to go till he gets 10k!

Update [2007-10-28 16:19:18 by River City Rage]: Maybe I'm dumb, but upon replay I can't find where Reggie Nelson did anything wrong. SACK LUNCH BY ROB MEIER!!!!! Now that's what I call a quarterback hit! Bucs forced to attempt a 44 yard field goal. Not a bad way to end what could have been a terrible series by our defense.

Update [2007-10-28 16:19:18 by River City Rage]: 3rd an 6 turns into a 21 yard run by Jeff Garcia. That's the opposite of what's supposed to happen. In fact, if that happens again, I'd bet that we don't like the outcome of this game. Holy shit, there's ANOTHER run, this time 10 yards. Oh god, Reggie Nelson get's hit with a personal foul for hitting the quarterback after the slide. That's 21 yard run followed by what's in effect a 26 yard run. AND THERE WAS NO HIT.....

Update [2007-10-28 16:10:47 by River City Rage]: Don't forget, Fred Taylor only needs 135 yards to break 10,000 career yards. Could it be today? Also, Jaguars fail to convert 3rd and 2, time to see a punt...

Update [2007-10-28 16:9:9 by River City Rage]: Big Run by Jones-Drew, 21 yards. Nice way to show that he's OK with the knee...

Update [2007-10-28 16:7:3 by River City Rage]:Jaguars receive, Scott Starks is returning kicks in place of Jones-Drew. Go figure that there's a holding penalty (against Jamaal Fudge). Here we go, first drive!

Here we are, a few min away from kickoff!

Consider this your 1st Quarter open thread!

Important Fact: The Colts and the Titans won, Colts are 6-0, Titans are 5-2, therefore this game is critical in keeping up with the Division.